About Nan Palmer

Nan Palmer LaughingA serious student of yoga for more than twenty years, Nan Palmer is a Certified Yoga Therapist (CYT). CYT is a multiple year process. Her first certification was with the American Viniyoga Institute in 2004. In 2013 Nan graduated at the 500-hour level from the Essential Yoga Therapist training, providing her with skills and training twice exceeding that of most yoga instructors.

Nan found yoga as a young mother balancing work and family life, and realized that classes made her feel peaceful, strong and more flexible. Yoga became a passion and a way of life, nourishing and sustaining her, as she raised her family and progressed in her career as the manager of a public library branch.

Nan Palmer has studied yoga with some of the leading teachers of our time. In Bellevue, Washington, she trained for eight years with Aadil Palkhivala at Yoga Centers and became grounded in the Iyengar style of yoga. When she relocated to Snoqualmie Valley in Washington State, her instructor was Robin Rothenberg of the Yoga Barn. With Rothenberg’s guidance, she developed her skills, learning the importance of using the breath as a conduit of change to the whole being, in the tradition of Viniyoga. Nan became one of Robin’s first teachers at the Barn, and was involved in the transition when Yoga Barn evolved from the small Fall City studio to include a larger facility in Issaquah, WA.

Nan and her husband Dave moved to the Midwest in 2001. First settling in St. Joseph, MI, she started her own yoga business, teaching group classes and workshops. She also used her talents to teach yoga to children at Brookview Montessori School in Benton Harbor, MI. During this time, Nan completed the nearly three-year process of certification with the American Viniyoga Institute, where she studied under Gary Kraftsow and Mirka Scalco Kraftsow and graduated at the 500-hour level.

A career change for Nan’s husband Dave prompted their family to move to the Chicago area in the summer of 2006. They lived in Crystal Lake, IL, for nine years.  In the fall of 2015, they moved to Eastern Washington State, and are now settling into their new home in the Spokane Valley.  Nan and Dave have two grown children: Maja Carlson who lives in San Carlos, CA; and Barry Palmer who lives in West Seattle, WA. Nan & Dave will be adopting a cat and a dog from SCRAPS soon.

Nan continues to study with her primary teacher, Robin Rothenberg by traveling to the Seattle area where she has friends and family. Nan’s roots are deep in the Pacific Northwest after living there for over 20 years. One of those trips was to attend a week of training in the Essential Low Back program, where she honed her skills in helping clients with back pain. This program was developed from the National Institute of Health landmark study of which Robin Rothenberg was a contributor.

In September 2009, Nan attended a workshop in Michigan with Leslie Kaminoff of the Breathing Project from New York City.

Nan began yet another phase in her ongoing study of yoga in May of 2011 with the Essential Yoga Therapy Training. After a two-year training program, she graduated in May 2013 as an official Yoga Therapist. She was called to do this so she could go deeper with her own understanding of how the traditional tools of yoga can help heal, and to expand her skills to meet clients wherever they are: physically; emotionally; and spiritually. She has 500-hours of additional training in addition to her first 500 hours of yoga instruction.

When not teaching yoga, Nan enjoys reading, knitting, riding her bike and spending time with friends and family. Nan and her husband are members of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Coeur d’Alene, ID, where they volunteer in several ministries.

With the extensive training from the Essential Yoga Therapy training, Nan  put her skills to work with specialized populations as the Wellness Place, a cancer resource center in Barrington, IL, helping their clients to relax, strengthen and stabilize their whole beings. When that organization closed, she continued her work with JourneyCare.  Nan also taught a monthly class to Veterans at NISRA(Northern Illinois Special Recreation Association) in Cyrstal Lake, teaching them breath and relaxation skills to ease the symptoms of PTSD.  She welcomes the opportunity to do more in clinical settings, helping to bridge the gap between Western (traditional) medicine and the holistic methods of yoga postures, breathing and guided meditation.