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 Knitting as Meditation:  Finding Serenity, at the Fold

3316 Millstream RD, Marengo IL 60152

Saturday, Nov. 1st, 3-5pm ~ $20

Practice & explore contemplative knitting to boost your immune function, relieve stress, & sleep better!  Bonus content:  Knitting ergonomics to bring more balance & ease to your body while crafting.
Call 815-568-5730 or 224-234-9384  to Register or for more info!

knitter with candle

Abide Within Your Finest Being Through Yoga Therapy! 

Yoga Therapy extends the training of yoga into a deeper understanding and knowledge of the body to optimize health and wellness. Nan Palmer, Certified Yoga Therapist, guides you and helps you to realize your best self through the practice of yoga , using the tools of breath, postures, & meditation.

Guiding you to your ultimate health and wellbeing is Nan’s specialty. She offers yoga therapy sessions for individuals, small groups and health care organizations.

Click Here And Try Guided Breathwork With Nan Right Now!

Relax into this moment of your life.
Sit as comfortably as you can.
Release tension from your shoulders, neck and hands.


Inhale gently through your nose. Exhale slowly and gently.
Life is enhanced and expanded through the simple practice of breathing.
Practice breathing and you will experience more of your life. Focus within for a while

Guided Breath Work

Practice of 61 Points